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For many years a group of dedicated Nebraskans worked hard to develop a permanent third political party dedicated to Liberty.  The old parties, long ago, abandoned Liberty and work to grow their influence by growing government.

Today there are 15,000 registered Libertarians in the state but this number needs to grow.  By registering as a Libertarian you will move the country back to it's roots.


If you are willing to volunteer for my campaign please leave your name and contact information.

At this point I do not have a large staff or campaign funds but if interest in the campaign grows I will need all the help I can get.

For now, you can help out the campaign by simply informing others around you that there is a third candidate.


Why donate?  If I can raise $100,000 I can get into the debates.  This was the standard set for the last Libertarian Senator.  Does it sound like a lot of money?  It really is not.  Billions of dollars are thrown into the elections.  If you want to see a debate with real differences with solutions based on Liberty a few dollars toward my campaign is well spent.

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