I am a life long resident of Nebraska.  I grew up in south Omaha where I spent many hours playing baseball.  I was the classic sandlot baseball player.  We played baseball like kids today play video games.  I still love the game and greatly enjoy playing catch with anyone willing.  There is nothing like the ball hitting the leather.  My annual father's day present is going to a local batting cage with my kids. 

But we all must grow up so I went to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and pursued a Civil Engineering degree.  I came back to Omaha and went to work for the Metropolitan Utilities District.  I spent almost my entire career helping to design and manage the water system for Omaha.  I also have an MBA from UNO,

I have been married to my wife Cindy for 29 years and have two children - Jake and Abby.

I have had an interest in politics and economics early on.  The book that impacted me the most was "Free to Choose" by Milton Friedman. I have also read many of the books written by Thomas Sowell.  I was turned off by both of the old political parties and started looking for a new home when I discovered the Libertarian Party in the mid-90's.  I volunteered for the party when I had time.

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska struggled through the 90's and 2000's trying to gain what is called ballot access - the ability to run Libertarian candidates and for Nebraskans to register as Libertarians.  Political party formation was difficult in Nebraska.  Three times over that time period we gained ballot access only to lose it again in the next election cycle.  In August 2010 we gained ballot access for the fourth time and, having learned lessons from past failures, have been able to maintain our status where now we have 15,000 registered Libertarians in the state.

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