"I have been involved with the political process for many years but not in the traditional sense.  I was disillusioned by the old political parties.  These parties, long ago, have been corrupted by money and influence.  I discovered the Libertarian party and have been working to grow the party and try to reteach the virtues of Liberty.  There are currently over 15,000 registered Libertarians in the state.  "



Our ability to make decisions for the way we want to live our lives is slowly being taken away from us.  There is a simple formula - the larger government grows the less Liberty we will have.  One way this is done is through high taxes.  High taxes means we are less able to spend and save for the things we need.  Another is through laws and regulations.  President Trump likes to say that he has reduced regulations but the truth is the regulatory process continues to grow.  The Federal Register - where all Federal Regulations are published - was over 72,000 pages.  Senator Sasse has done nothing to slow down the growth of government.


Perhaps the worst economic decision of the Trump administration is his trade policy.  Voluntary trade, whether it is between you and a local vendor or a large company buying products from companies in other nations, greatly adds to our standard of living.  Why?  When we trade voluntarily both parties benefit from that transaction (profit).  Tariffs = taxes and inhibits trade.  More importantly, voluntary trade promotes peace.  As we interact with each other in mutually beneficial ways we begin to respect and trust each other.


The right to own a firearm is what keeps all our other freedoms and rights intact.  I will work to prevent further erosion of this right.


Amazon had revenue of over $200 billion in 2018 and paid $0 in federal income taxes.  Gene Siadek, a paycheck person, had significantly less in revenue but paid thousands in federal income tax.  The inequities of the federal income tax are astounding and greatly limit the ability of paycheck people to save and accumulate wealth.


The national debt reached $26 trillion.  If this liability were equally divided among all Americans it would equal $80,000 for every adult and child.  What is the problem with this debt?  It does not appear to hurt anyone.  But it does great harm.  Savers giving their hard earned money to great entrepreneurs (Steve Jobs) or great financial managers (Warren Buffet) is what increases our standard of living.  Government officials taking hard earned money from taxpayers to fund their favorite project is a recipe for a lower standard of living.

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